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    Match 5 symbols to win a cash payout.

    Game Info

    Welcome to All Sports - a fun matching symbol game. Simply match 5 or more consecutive symbols in a horizontal or vertical line to win a cash payout. The more symbols you get in a sequence the more you win, with the additional bonus of winning symbols disappearing allowing further symbols to drop and potentially creating more winning lines.

    Example game play screens

    How to Play

    1. Set the stake

    To set the stake, click the up and down buttons on thestake/line window. Each click increases and decreases the stake respectively. This transfers funds from your account (demo or real money) into the stake.

    2. Start the game

    Now click the Bet button to drop the symbols to start the game. 

    How do I win?

    To win, you need to Match 5 or more consecutive symbols connected either horizontally and/or vertically to win a cash payout. 5 or more consecutive connected matching symbols are known as a cluster. It is possible to get more than one cluster in a single spin. Payouts increase depending on the number of matching symbols you have

    NOTE: There are no payouts for symbols connected diagonally.

    When the symbol drop stops, any wins will be highlighted by a small animation. When all of the win animations stop, all of the icons involved in those particular wins will disappear allowing all icons above the wins to descend into the vacant spaces, potentially creating more wins from a single play.

    If more wins are created from the descending icons, the same thing happens again; the win lines are highlighted and the icons disappear allowing the icons above to descend into the spaces created.

    This process continues until there are no more wins created from the icons descending into the vacant spaces of the previous win.

    All wins are registered automatically and credited into to your account.

    To play again, repeat steps 1 and 2.


    The Paytable can be seen at the left hand side of the screen. Payouts are shown in multiples of the winning stake (except for the progressive Jackpot Icon which pays a cash seed plus any accumulation). A minimum of 5 connected consecutive icons either horizontally and/or vertically is required to win. To qualify for the progressive jackpots you need to have a minimum qualifying stake of £1 per bet.

    The theoretical average return to player (RTP) is 87.62% at stakes that do not qualify for the progressive jackpot and 94.62% including the progressive jackpot. This RTP represents the long-term expected payback of the game which has been calculated by an independent testing company.

    Progressive Jackpot

    • Progressive jackpots consists of a fixed minimum amount (start-up seed) which gradually increases by a percentage of funds (contributions) inputted into the game until it is won. When a jackpot is won, it is reset to the seed amount and begins to rise again.
    • The progressive jackpots are initially funded by a £1,000 / £10,000 / £100,000 start-up seed value. This is topped up by contributions of 3% from stakes on the game and there is no ceiling value.
    • The game's total return to player, including the progressive jackpot, is 94.63%.
    • The progressive jackpot is available in "real play" only. The progressive jackpot is available in "real play" only. There are eligibility requirements for the progressive jackpot:
    • To qualify for the progressive jackpot you must play at a stake level of at least £1
    • The progressive jackpot is determined via jackpot icon clusters, more details on this can be found in the How to Play section above.  Jackpot prizes can occur after any spin with the chances of winning increasing/decreasing proportionally to the bet size.
    • Jackpot prizes are awarded via bank transfer following confirmation with the games supplier and necessary identity and payment verification.
    • When two or more players appear to simultaneously trigger the jackpot, the first player will be awarded the jackpot and the others will receive a message warning them that the jackpot was won by another player. The current play is cancelled and the player will have the opportunity to play again after being informed of the new jackpot values.
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