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    Bank A Monkey

    You'll be going bananas to bank a monkey!

    Example game play screens

    How to Play

    Bank A Monkey is a single-stake, £1 instant win scratch card game with a fast winning £500 Jackpot. The theme is a fun game with a Cocktail Monkey Barman and his banana smoothie.

    • Fixed top prize value
    • Your winnings will be credited to your account immediately
    • You will lose your stake amount if you lose the game


    The stake value is set to a single value for this card and cannot be adjusted. The stake value is shown middle-right of the scratch card interface as below:

    Instant Win

    Stake Value

    Bank A Monkey


    Start the Game

    To start the game, tap the BUY CARD button, located in the centre of the interface.

    Once the BUY CARD button has been selected, the game will start. You will be presented with 9 crates, washed up on a beach, and asked to pick 6 of them.

    As you pick crates, they will explode open and display either banana skins or whole bananas. The aim of the game is to fill the blender up with a banana smoothie from bananas found within the 9 crates presented.

    Once the 6 crates have been chosen, the Monkey will swing from right to left and drop the amount of bananas found in the crates into the blender. The blender will then “blend” and show the outcome of the game.


    When the default scratch card interface is displayed, (before the game has been started), there is a BUY CARD button and a settings cog, located at the bottom-left. The cog will allow you to set game options.

    In game, there is also an AUTO PICK button, located at the bottom-right

    Once the game has been bought, the AUTO PICK button becomes active for selection. Pressing the AUTO PICK button will automatically uncover 6 random crates.

    How Do You Win?

    The aim of the game is to win cash by filling the blender with the banana smoothie, up to the cash levels marked on the outside of the blender.

    In the event of a win, (once the card is complete), the total win value from the blender is displayed briefly in a pop-up, centrally on the scratch card interface. The total win value is also displayed in the Total Win field, located top-right of the scratch card interface.

    In the event of a loss, (no win on any panel), an ‘UNLUCKY NO WIN’ pop-up is displayed briefly, centrally on the scratch card interface.

    To win the player needs to find at least 20 bananas. Table below show the amount of Bananas awarded for each symbol.

    Banana Symbol

    Amount of Bananas





















    After you have picked your boxes, there is a chance a game modifier may be shown. If you have won an amount, the modifier will improve the win. If it was a losing game, the modifier will guarantee a win. These are outlined below:

    1. Froth Up

    The Monkey will appear next to the blender and press the button, causing a re-blend. This will then show the new win.

    2. Banana Rain

    The crates will move off the screen and bananas will begin to fall from the sky. The Monkey will swing across to grab more bananas and add them to the blender. This will then be blended again and will show the new win.

    3. Air Drop

    The crates will drop off the screen and a large crate will be dropped onto the beach and open. The bananas contained within will then be collected by the Monkey and added to the blender and be blended again. The new win will then be shown.

    Once the appropriate message has been displayed, the default buttons return to allow the user to play again. Pressing the BUY CARD button will reset the panels for a new game.

    Game Rules


    Instant win product


    Win values

    Bank A Monkey









    • All currencies are expressed in GBP. The amounts stated will apply in the user's own currency.

    Game Recovery

    • In the event of a game in real play being interrupted, (i.e. started but not completed due to connectivity issues or accidentally closing the browser, etc...), any winnings will be correctly credited to your account and will be exact according to the result prior to the game being interrupted.
    • The sequence and values of events leading to the display of the total award may vary from the animation prior to game recovery. This will not affect the result of the game after the game has recovered.

    Terms and Conditions

    General Information

    • This game has a theoretical Return to Player (RTP) of 83% and hit rate of 1 in 3.07
    • The maximum payout in one play in this game is £500 / €500.
    • System malfunction voids all pays and all plays.
    • Due to high production values of this game, lower-tier hardware may run into compatibility issues and, in certain instances, you will not be able to play.


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