• Cash Commander

    Fortune favours the brave in this game of conflict, conquest and cash!

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    How to Play

    Cash Commander is 5 reel, 30 win line slot game with a military theme. This game is packed with exciting features, offers a number of achievements, ranks and upgrades for even bigger wins!

    Set your stake

    Click the 'TOTAL BET' panel to select you stake.

    Click the 'INFO' button to view the Award Card and Win Lines at the currently selected stake.

    Start the game

    Click 'PLAY' to start your game.

    There is an optional auto play function that, if selected, will start each game automatically. To select auto play click the 'AUTO PLAY' button. Then in the pop-up dialogue, select your desired number of auto plays and the criteria that will automatically end your auto play session. Your auto play session can be stopped at any time by clicking the 'STOP AUTO PLAY' button which will appear where the 'AUTO PLAY' button was previously.

    How do you win?

    Upon staking a value, the reels spin and a win may occur in one of the following ways:

    A cash value is awarded,

    A Cash Command sequence is initiated,

    A number of free spins are awarded,

    The Wargames Bonus is awarded.

    Game Rules

    Cash Command

    When vehicle symbols (top 5 symbols) or a Wild symbol create a win, the Cash Command sequence is initiated:

    All symbols which are a part of a win lock in.

    Wild and vehicle symbols destroy random losing symbols

    All locked symbols stay in place.

    Destroyed symbols re-spin.

    This cycle repeats until there are no new winning combinations created on the reels.

    The win is then awarded.

    Wargames can be awarded during Cash Command sequence.

    Strike and Bombardment Free Spins

    Free Spins are activated by a Missile Silo symbol landing on reel 5.

    All wins are processed as normal. Afterwards the silo opens and either a missile or a drone flies out. Both will destroy all symbols in view.

    The missile awards one free spin (Strike Free Spin).

    The drone awards between three and five free spins (Bombardment Free Spins).

    The Missile symbol is a non winning symbol. Cash Command can be initiated during Free Spins. Free Spins cannot be retriggered during Free Spins.


    The Wargames bonus is awareded when the Bonus symbol lands on reels 1, 3 and 5. There are a number of goals you can achieve with the ultimate goal of conquering the whole World!

    Wargames Entry

    When you enter the Wargames you will be presented with a map screen showing how much of the World you have conquered so far.

    You can choose on which continent you want to attack your enemy, and which difficulty level you prefer:

    Easy.................4 Enemy HP

    Casual.............6 Enemy HP

    Medium..........8 Enemy HP

    Hard..............10 Enemy HP

    Legendary.....12 Enemy HP

    The more difficult level, the bigger the victory win can be!

    Wargames - Attack Phase

    The aim of the Attack Phase is to destroy the enemy's base by reducing its Hit points, or HP value, to 0.

    You start with:

    4 HPs or Hit Points. The enemy's HP is either same or higher, depending on the difficulty setting chosen.

    3 tanks, which when hitting the base, each takes away 1 HP from the enemy.

    There are three paths you can put your tanks on in any combination (1 on each path, 2 on one path and 1 on another, or all 3 tanks on one path). Two of these paths are blocked.

    At the start of every Attack Phase, you may be awarded a care package, which will be applied before you manoeuvre your tanks into a position. These are:

    Aerial Recon Drone

    An Aerial Recon Drone flies over showing one path being blocked, leaving two only to send your tanks down.


    An Airstrike is called, hitting the enemy base and reducing the enemy's HP by 1.

    1 HP is removed and associated cash prize is awarded.

    Juggernaut Tank

    One tank levels up, growing larger and is now worth two tanks.

    It does double the damage to the enemy base, and awards double the cash if it succeeds in hitting the base.

    Juggernaut Tank Army

    All tanks level up, growing larger and now are worth two tanks each.

    Each tank does double the damage to the enemy base, and awards double the cash if it succeeds in hitting the base.

    Nuclear Strike

    The Nuclear Strike destroys the enemy base immediately and awards the cash amount for all remaining enemy HP.

    Care packages are unlocked as you increase your rank. The chances of receiving a care package also improves!

    Wargames - Defence Phase

    Now it is your turn to defend YOUR base from the enemy!

    You have two turrets to block the paths and protect your base.

    Your enemy has three tanks, but no care packages; each tank can take away one HP of from your base. The enemy can therefore take away 0 to 3 HP from you in any one go.

    Wargames - Taking Turns

    Alternate attack and defence phases continue until either your base is destroyed, or the enemy base is destroyed.

    Free Spins and the Wargames cannot be awarded on the same spin.


    Increase your experience points (XPs):

    Play a game - gain 30 XPs every time you play.

    Win in a reel game - the number of XPs gained = 1 per unit of line bet won.

    Collect a win from Wargames - the number of XPs gained = 1 per unit of line bet won.


    Get promoted by getting more experience! Unlock new levels and achievemnets! Get even bigger wins!

    Start as Cadet and make your way up to Warlord:



    3.Private First Class




    7.Staff Sergeant

    8.Second Lieutenant

    9.First Lieutenant




    13.Major General

    14.Lieutenant General



    Medals and Achievements

    Collect 3 achievements to earn a medal!

    1.Beginner’s Luck Medal

    • Play a Wargame
    • Destroy an easy base
    • Destroy 3 different bases

    1.Attacker Medal

    • Destroy a casual base
    • Destroy a medium base
    • Destroy 5 different bases

    1.Big Hitter Medal

    • Conquer a European base
    • Destroy any 3 casual bases
    • Destroy any 2 medium bases

    1.King of the Hill Medal

    • Destroy a hard base
    • Conquer a North American base
    • Destroy 7 different bases

    1.Veteran Medal

    • Destroy a legendary base
    • Conquer a South American base
    • Conquer an Asian base

    1.World Tour Medal

    • Unlock two continents
    • Conquer any African base
    • Conquer 10 bases

    1.Sunny Down Under Medal

    • Unlock Australasia
    • Conquer Perth
    • Conquer Sydney

    1.When in Rome... Medal

    • Conquer Madrid
    • Conquer Istanbul
    • Conquer London

    1.Top Trumps Medal

    • Unlock Nuclear Strike
    • Conquer Las Vegas
    • Conquer New York

    1.Rising Tsar Medal

    • Conquer Warsaw
    • Conquer Novosibirsk
    • Conquer Moscow

    1.Ring of Fire Medal

    • Conquer Tokyo
    • Conquer Santiago
    • Conquer Quito

    1.Emperor Medal

    • Complete When in Rome... Medal
    • Complete Rising Tsar Medal
    • Conquer all 6 Continents

    Good Play Strategy

    Following this strategy will guarantee the RTP result stated below. There are different rules for a good play strategy depending on the current Care Package that has been awarded during the Wargames Bonus. These are:

    For Nuclear Strike Active:

    • Press the Red Button presented to you, and the enemy will be destroyed completely.

    For Juggernaught Tank Army Active:

    1) If the enemy has 5 HP or more, send all three tanks down one path.

    2) If the enemy has 3 or 4 HP, send two tanks down one path, send your remaining tank down another path.

    3) For enemy HP of 2 or less, send one tank down each path.

    For Juggernaught Tank Active:

    1) If the enemy has 3 HP or more, send all three tanks down one path.

    2) If the enemy has 2 HP, send your Juggernaught Tank down one path, send both other tanks down one other path.

    3) If the enemy has 1 HP, send the Juggernaught Tank down one path, send one tank each down the other two paths.

    For Aerial Recon Drone Active:

    1)If the enemy has 3 HP or more, send all three tanks down one path.

    2)If the enemy has 2 HP or less, send two tanks down one path and one tank down the other path.

    For All Other Situations:

    1)If the enemy has 3 HP or more, send all three tanks down one path.

    2)If the enemy has 2HP, send two tanks down one path and one tank down one of the remaining paths.

    If the enemy has 1 HP, send one tank down each of the three paths.

    Game recovery

    In the event of a game in real play being interrupted (i.e. started but not completed due to connectivity issues or accidentally closing the browser, etc.), any winnings will be correctly credited to your account and will be exact according to the result prior to the game being interrupted.

    Terms and Conditions

    General information

    This game has a Return to Player (RTP) range of 90.37% to 97.48% using the 'Good Play Strategy' described above, depending on the player's rank and the difficulty level selected during the war games bonus.

    Awards are shown in currency.

    Unresolved bets placed, but remaining undecided, in incomplete games will become void after 90 days and will be forfeited to charity.

    System malfunction voids all pays and plays.

    All game rules are correct as of 2nd October 2017.

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