• Fishin' Impossible

    Cod you net yourself a few squid?

    Example game play screens

    How to Play

    Fishin' Impossible™ is a fishing based 40 win line slots game with 5 x 4 reels which tasks the player with catching all the crazy fish that they’ll find in the four Impossible Ponds!
    Find fish up to 4 symbols long on your reels for bigger wins!

    Set your stake

    Click the 'TOTAL BET' panel to select your stake. 
    Click the 'INFO' button to view the Award Card and Win Lines at the currently selected stake.

    Start the game

    Click 'PLAY' to start your game.

    There is an optional auto play function that, if selected, will start each game automatically. To select auto play click the 'AUTO PLAY' button. Then in the pop-up dialogue, select your desired number of auto plays and the criteria that will automatically end your auto play session. Your auto play session can be stopped at any time by clicking the 'STOP AUTO PLAY' button which will appear where the 'AUTO PLAY' button was previously.

    How do you win?

    Upon staking a value, the reels spin and a win may occur in one of the following ways:

    • A cash value is awarded,
    • Freespins are awarded,
    • A Recast Freespin is awarded,
    • The Fishing Bonus is awarded.


    Freespins are activated by the Bonus symbol landing on reels 1 an 3 and the Freespins symbol on reel 5. Five freespins are awarded with the centre reel Wild for all spins.

    Recast Freespins

    If no win occurs from a spin, there is a chance of activating a Recast Freespin. The freespin will always result in a win!

    Fishing Bonus

    The Fishing Bonus is activated by the Bonus symbol landing on reels 1 an 3 and the Fishing Bonus symbol on reel 5. There are four levels to the Fishing Bonus which unlock as you collect more fishing achievements!

    Choose your mission

    Choose which pond you would like to fish in, there are 10 species of fish to catch in each one:

    • Dinosaur Fish in the Pond Time Forgot,
    • Mutant Fish in the Toxic Pools,
    • Pirate Fish in the Pirate Graveyard,
    • Robot Fish in the Planet of the Robot Fish.

    The Pond Time Forgot is available from the first play.
    The Toxic Pools are unlocked after 3 fish species have been collected.
    The Pirate Graveyard is unlocked after 9 fish species have been collected.
    The Planet of the Robot Fish is unlocked after 15 fish species have been collected.

    Choose your fishing spot!

    Once you have selected the pond you'd like to fish in, you can choose your favourite spot. There are 3 to choose from! There are 10 species of fish in each pond, however, only 5 of them will be swimming in your spot. Once you have chosen your spot, the available fish will be displayed.

    Catch your fish!

    You will be taken on a journey under the water where you can watch the crazy looking fish trying to get the worm! Click the screen to wiggle the worm, you might get lucky and snag a big one! 

    To reel your fish in, you'll need to play a quick skill game and earn yourself a bronzesilver or golden star

    You will be given a choice to keep or release the fish you have just caught:

    • If you decide to keep the fish you will be awarded the associated cash value, and the star you have just achieved if it is better than the star you already have for this fish.
    • If you decide to release the fish, you will cast again for a different fish. The star award is also discarded for this fish.
    • You can release your fish only twice in one Fishing Bonus game. If this is your third fish you will only be allowed to keep it.
    The number of fish of each species displayed in the pond is not representative of the odds of catching a fish of that species.


    When you have caught a certain number of fish, additional ponds will be unlocked. Unlocking new ponds requires bronze, silver, or gold stars to be collected. Unlocking each additional pond will also upgrade your bait. Better bait will increase your chance of catching bigger fish! 

    There are 40 different species of fish living in the Impossible Ponds. Catch each one of them with a golden star!

    Press the star button in the top left of the main game screen to view the star ratings for all the fish you have collected.

    Best Play Strategy

    1. Always collect the top fish on the pay table when it is offered.
    2. If the second most valuable fish is over 10% of the value of the top fish, collect that fish.
    3. In all other situations, reject the fish where possible.

    Terms and Conditions

    Game recovery

    In the event of a game in real play being interrupted (i.e. started but not completed due to connectivity issues or accidentally closing the browser etc.) any winnings will be correctly credited to your account and will be exact according to the result prior to the game being interrupted. 

    General information

    • This game has a range of Return to Player (RTP) depending on the achievements collected - the average RTP ranges between 93.02% and 96.02%.
    • Awards are shown in currency.
    • Unresolved bets placed, but remaining undecided, in incomplete games will become void after 90 days and will be forfeited to charity.
    • System malfunction voids all pays and plays.
    • All game rules are correct as of 21th August 2017.

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