• French Roulette

    Includes Neighbours and French Bets

    Game Info

    The Sky Vegas online casino has plenty of Roulette games, and French Roulette is one of those versions of the game available.
    French Roulette is very similar to the standard game of Roulette, but it offers you different betting options which add some variety to the game. The options available are Voisins, Orphelins and Tiers which will put chips on different areas of the betting board for you.
    French Roulette, like the other online casino games at skyvegas.com, is available to play for free if you want to try the game out before playing for real money. Just select demo play when you open the game to play for free. When you play French Roulette for real, you can bet from as little as 5p up to a maximum of £500. 
    The game is simple to play. The aim is to bet on what number the ball will land on when the wheel stops spinning. You bet by clicking on a chip, then clicking on the area of the betting board where you think the ball will land. If you want to select one of the special French Roulette bets, place your chip on one of those. 
    Example game play screens

    How to Play

    Table Stake Settings:

    Min Stake: 5p

    Max Stake: £3,000

    Step 1. Select a Chip value for betting by clicking on a chip with an appropriate value on it at the bottom of the screen. The chip will rise slightly and the outer edge will turn, indicating it has been selected. To change the value, click on a different chip.

    Step 2. Move your mouse cursor over the betting cloth (above the Roulette wheel) on the screen. Each bet type will illuminate as the mouse pointer is over it. The odds for each bet will also be displayed by each bet. Single numbers and various groups of numbers may be selected.

    Step 3. Next, to place a bet, click on that area, a chip at the selected value will be deposited on the betting cloth on the particular bet. You can place another bet of equal value by clicking again. It is possible to mix chip values on the same bet. All available bets are explained in the Bets and Payouts section of this document.

    Place as many bets as you wish by this method.

    Step 4. When happy with your bets, click the spin button; the Roulette wheel will spin and the ball will come to rest on a single number. This number is the result of the draw. Winnings from correct bets will be credited to your account immediately. Losing bets forfeit the amount staked. Select the repeat button to repeat bets from the previous game or place bets as described to start a new game.

    French bets - It is also possible to place "French Roulette" bets by clicking the French Bets button. These bets (if placed) will be in addition to any bets placed on the standard betting cloth. There are 3 French bets available for selection grouped under the following names; Voisins, Orphelins and Tiers the sections seperated on the table by white lines. When you mouse over the bet name, the group of numbers to which it refers illuminate, showing the odds. To place a bet at the chip value selected; click on it. The chip will be divided between the numbers that are covered in the bet type.

    RTP: 97.3%

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