• Lucky Star

    An Oriental themed Roulette style game.

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    Lucky Star is similar to the classic casino game of Roulette, but this has an Oriental twist to it!

    Lucky Star plays in a very similar way to Roulette so people who have played Roulette in an online casino will find the game quite familiar. 

    You can choose to play for fun or to play for real. If you play for fun in demo play, you don’t put any of your own money on the line, but you can’t win anything either.

    When the game begins, you’ll see the Lucky Star Roulette wheel in the centre, and the betting board on the left of the screen. Like Roulette, the aim of this game is to predict what part of the wheel the ball will land on.

    The wheel is split up into a series of numbers between 1 and 8, which are repeated several times across the wheel. You can place your bet on what number the ball will land on, what colour that number will be, whether it will be an odd or even number and several other combinations. 

    To place your bet, choose your chip value, and then place it directly onto the betting wheel, or onto the betting board. Click ‘bet’ and the game will start. If your bet wins, you’ll simply see an on screen animation, and your online casino balance will update.


    Example game play screens

    How to Play

    Table Stake Settings:

    Min Stake: 50p

    Max Stake: £500

    1. Set the stake - by clicking on the plus and minus arrows on the bottom right hand side of the screen. The plus and minus arrows scroll through "Casino" style chips with a monetary value on them; scroll through the chips until you find the desired value for betting. This is the chip value that you will bet with in the game.

    2. Place your bets - by chip placement, in a similar way to Roulette. There are two ways in which you can place bets: On the Lucky Star board itself and on the stone betting cloth to the left of the Lucky Star board.

    3. To make betting easy, each individual bet type and number groups will illuminate when the mouse pointer is over it; the odds for that particular bet will be shown in the centre of the lucky star at the same time. To place that bet simply click on it. If you click more than once on the bet, it increases the stake by one unit of the chip value selected per click. You may bet on single numbers and/or one of the many number groups.

    Tip: It is recommended that you move the mouse pointer around the Lucky Star board and the betting cloth (to the left of the board) to familiarise yourself with the bet types and their respective odds.
    Button actions are as follows:

    4. Start the game - when you are happy with the bets you have placed, click the bet button; this will start the game and the cursor will race around the Lucky Star pathway, then come to rest on a single number/symbol (the result).

    Previous draws

    You can see the results of previous draws at the top right of the screen. The table is laid out into three columns, Red, Green and Black. The numbers appear in their respective columns as they are drawn.

    Bet Types

    Bets on the Lucky Star Board

    Bets on the rice paper betting cloth


    The theoretical average return to player (RTP) is 96% - 97.78%. This RTP represents the long-term expected payback of the game which has been calculated by an independent testing company.

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