• Pyramid

    Climb the Pyramid to win the Jackpot.

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    Pyramid continues to be a favourite on the Sky Vegas online casino. It’s one of the fantastic matching symbol casino games available, and is very easy to pick up and play!

    The aim of the game is to win cash by predicting which symbol will be revealed on the line of the Pyramid. You start with the bottom line, where you have 6 symbols to reveal, and can work your way up to the top if you keep winning, where you only have one chance to predict the symbol. 

    The higher up the Pyramid you get, the more money you can win. So although it is one of the simpler casino games, it is also one of the more fun games in the online casino.

    To begin the game, you need to select your stake using the up and down arrows. Click ‘ok’ and you can then choose which symbol you predict will appear on the bottom line of the Pyramid. When you’ve decided, click ‘Play’ and the bottom line of symbols will be revealed.

    If your symbol appears, you will get some winnings. The more times it appears, the more money you win! You then have the option of gambling that money, by predicting a symbol to appear on the next line of the Pyramid. If you predict correctly, you stand to win more money, but if you predict incorrectly, you lose the winnings from earlier.  

    As you can see, Pyramid is very easy to play, so beginners to online casino games shouldn’t be daunted by this one!


    Example game play screens

    How to Play


    1. Set the stake 

    At this point the majority of the screen is dimmed. The stake is set by clicking on the up and down direction keys, which are located on the stake window. When happy with their stake click the ok button. The screen then fully illuminates.

    2. Select a symbol 

    Next to the stake window is the symbol window. Clicking on the left or right direction arrows changes the symbol. There are eight to choose from:

    3. Reveal the symbols on the pyramid 

    When happy with your chosen symbol click the play button the stones on the bottom row of the pyramid turn to reveal a row of symbols (from the 8 listed above) in a random order, Symbols can appear more than once in a row.

    If your chosen symbol does not match any of the symbols revealed, you lose the game along with their stake.

    If your chosen symbol matches any of the symbols revealed, then you win a fixed odds prize for each time the symbol appears in that row. 

    At this point you can either collect the win (which ends the game), or gamble the stake plus the winnings and try to guess a symbol that will appear on the next ascending row. There is a next win window which shows the potential winnings if you choose to bet. You can change your symbol if you wish between levels by using step 2. Each row has less stones and the potential winnings of each ascending step get progressively higher.

    The player can collect their winnings at the end of any level. This will terminate the game.

    The progressive Jackpot

    To qualify for the progressive jackpot you must stake £ 2 or more. If you manage to reach the top of the pyramid, you can gamble on matching the symbol behind the golden ankh. If you gamble and do not correctly guess the symbol, then you lose all money from the current game (which then resets to the select stake screen). 

    If you guess correctly then the following happens:

    1. You win the payout for getting 1 correct on row 6. 

    2. The current progressive jackpot is also added to your winnings. 

    3. The current progressive jackpot is reset to zero (and then of course starts building again). 

    4. The winnings are automatically collected and added to your account.

    The theoretical average return to player (RTP) is 95.53 - 97.53%. This RTP represents the long-term expected payback of the game which has been calculated by an independent testing company. 

    Malfunction voids all pays and play.


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