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    Rainbow Riches

    This exciting follow-up to our smash hit Rainbow Riches is for new and old fans of Rainbow Riches alike!

    In Rainbow Riches Pick'n'Mix, you're in control once you trigger the feature round. Select from available bonuses you'd like to play from other versions of the beloved slot title, including the Free Spins round, Magic Mushroom Picking game, Pots o' Gold, Road to Riches and Fields of Gold!

    Rainbow Riches Pick'n'Mix also features our player-popular big bet feature, where players get the opportunity to spin a wheel that can trigger the feature round immediately!

    Bonus choice

    Upon loading the game, select between 1 and 3 bonuses from a collection of 5 bonuses.

    Before the start of each game, press the “bonus reset” button to return to the initial bonus selection screen.

    Active bonuses are displayed below the reel array, represented by their particular bonus symbol.

    At least 1 bonus must be chosen to play a game.

    Bonuses that are not active are not available for that game.

    Symbols on reels 1,3 and 5 initiates the free spin bonus

    Bonus wins are paid in addition to line wins.

    Game Rules

    Big Bet game

    A big bet game consists of 1 to 3 wheels, depending on the number of bonuses active.

    Each wheel consists of 2 slices of varying size – a rainbow slice and a green slice. The big bet amount determines how large or small the slices are.

    Selecting a wheel spins that wheel’s arrow. If the arrow lands in the rainbow slice, that bonus is immediately triggered. If the arrow lands in the green slice, 5 mega spins are awarded.

    If the Pots of Gold bonus or Road to Riches bonus is triggered in the Big Bet game, the bonus is played at 60 times the minimum stake/line amount multiplied by the winning bonus multiplier amount.

    If the Cash Crop bonus was triggered in the big bet game, each coin multiplier is multiplied by 60 times the minimum stake/line amount.

    If the Magic Toadstool bonus was triggered in the big bet game, each toadstool multiplier is multiplied by 60 times the minimum stake/line amount.

    All coin and toadstool prizes are cumulative in the Cash Crop and Magic Toadstool bonuses.

    Active bonuses can be triggered during mega spins.

    3x scattered  = Pots of Gold bonus

    4x scattered  = Super Pots of Gold bonus

    Gold, Silver, and Bronze pots spin around the screen. They come to a stop and an arrow points to the winning pot. The winning pot multiplies the stake by the winning multiplier amount.

    Super Pots of Gold bonus only has Gold and Silver pots spin around the screen.

    Free Spins bonus

    The Free Spins bonus and Mega Spins are played at 3 times the minimum stake/line amount.

    3x scattered  = 10 free spins

    4x scattered  = 20 free spins

    5x scattered  = 30 free spins

    Cash Crop bonus

    3x scattered  = Cash Crop bonus

    4x scattered = Super Cash Crop bonus

    50 coins are displayed on the screen and spin. The coins can land on either a blank or a multiplier. Once all coins have stopped spinning, the remaining multipliers fade out one at a time and add their prize amount (multiplier times stake) to the win meter.

    A large coin with two sides, “go on” and “collect”, then apepars in the middle of the screen. If the coin lands on “collect”, the amount shown in the win meter is awarded to the player and the bonus ends. If the coin lands on “go on”, level 2 is triggered and another 50 coins are shown with a higher multiplier. Play continues with either a “collect” or “go on” at the end of level 2, with a chance to continue on to the 3rd and final level with higher multipliers. After level 3, the bonus ends and the amount shown in the win meter is awarded to the player.

    Wins in the 2nd and 3rd levels are added to previous level awards.

    Level 1 Coin multipliers: x1

    Level 2 Coin multipliers: x2

    Level 3 Coin multipliers: x5 & x10

    The Super Cash Crop bonus guarantees a “go on” will land at the end of level 1.

    Magic Toadstool bonus

    3x scattered  = Magic Toadstool bonus

    4x scattered  = Super Magic Toadstool bonus

    The player is awarded 3 picks from a pick field of 24 toadstools. A toadstool can uncover a multiplier or a fairy. The multiplier uses the stake amount used when triggering the bonus to award a cash prize. Cash prizes are cumulative.

    A fairy will reveal 3 additional mushrooms for additional cash prizes and fairies, as well as a multiplier where that fairy was initially found.

    The bonus ends when no more picks remain or no toadstools are left. If there are picks left but no toadstools remain, a final multiplier is awarded that multiplies the amount shown in the win meter.

    Extra picks are awarded if the player, after their last selection has been made and toadstools still remain, has not reached a minimum win threshold.

    Magic Toadstool bonus minimum win threshold: x8 times stake.

    Super Magic Toadstool bonus minimum win threshold: x50 times stake.

    Terms and Conditions

    This game has the following theoretical Return to Player values;

    Stake less than £/€1 = 94%

    Stake equal to or greater than £/€1 = 96%

    Big Bet Game = 98%.

    All line pay symbols must appear on a played line and on consecutive reels, beginning with the far left reel.

    Only the highest win is paid on each line played.

    All line wins are multiplied by the stake per line.

    Wins that occur on all selected lines are added to the total win.

    Any combination of wins in a single game is limited to and will not exceed £250,000 / €250,000.

    Malfunction voids pays and plays.

    In accordance with fair gaming practices, the outcome of each and every game is completely independent.

    The chances of getting a particular outcome are always the same at the start of every game.

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