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    Showtime Spectacular

    Example game play screens

    How to Play

    Selecting Your Bet

    Increase your total bet using the plus button (a rectangular button with a ‘+’) and decrease your total bet using the minus button (a rectangular button with a ‘-’).

    Use the start button (a circular button with one arrow) to spin the reels.

    Pay Table

    All values shown in-game are per pay line.  The pay line bet is the total bet / 20.

    The WILD symbol substitutes for all other symbols except the FREE SPIN scatter symbol.

    The FREE SPIN scatter symbol only appears on reel 5 and awards 1 free spin.

    Pay Lines

    There are 20 pay lines in the game and the number of pay lines cannot be adjusted.

    Game Information

    The information button (a rectangular button with an ‘i’) will display the pay table and game information pages.

    Autoplay Settings

    The autoplay menu button (a circular button with three arrows) will allow the autoplay settings to be adjusted.

    In accordance with UKGC guidelines, the settings in this menu control the ‘Bet per Play’, the ‘Number of Plays’ and the ‘Loss Limit’.  Optionally, a ‘Single Win Limit’ may also be set.

    The ‘Number of Plays’ selectable are: 10 (initial value), 20, 50 and 100.

    Start’ will initiate autoplay.  Previously set autoplay values may be reloaded with ‘Last Settings’ and ‘Reset’ will clear all values.

    Autoplay will stop automatically if either the Loss Limit or Single Win Limit criteria are met.

    The autoplay stop button (a circular button with a square) will stop autoplay at the end of the current game.

    Game Features

    Feature Trail

    Reels 1, 3 and 5 have superimposed numbers on some symbols.

    These numbers add into a 9 stage trail.

    Filling the trail to position 9 awards the FEATURE WHEEL.

    Any three numbers in view also fills the trail and awards the FEATURE WHEEL.

    The trail is emptied at the start of each game.


    Trail Bonus

    Filling the trail to position 4 awards one of four bonuses:


    Trail position is ‘HELD’ and the reels will spin again guaranteeing a number.


    Trail position is ‘HELD’ and the reels will spin again.


    A random number of increments is added to the trail.


    Any number in view on the reels is added to the trail.


    Feature Wheel

    Once the trail is full the FEATURE WHEEL will spin and award one of eight different types of feature:


    15 mini reels spin and award a bet multiplier or no win.

    All bet multipliers are locked in place and the ‘no win’ reels spin again.

    This sequence repeats until no new bet multipliers appear.


    A number of shots are awarded to light up the stage.

    Each spotlight selected will award a cash prize.

    When the shots are used up a bonus spotlight will multiply the total win.


    The windmill sails will spin to a stop.

    Each windmill sail will award a bet multiplier or an advance.

    An advance will increase the bet multipliers on offer and spin the sails again.

    The feature ends when the sails stop on a bet multiplier.


    The reels will deliver at least four winning spins.

    The feature ends when the reels spin and don’t produce a win.


    5, 10 or 20 free spins are awarded along with a win multiplier.

    The win multiplier is one of x2, x3, x4, x5, x6, x8 or x10.


    The reels will spin again and again until a win is produced.


    A giant reel will spin and deliver a random cash win.


    As CASH feature, but with a chance of repeating up to nine times.

    Game Rules

    Win Rules

    All reel wins are paid according to the pay table.

    The wild symbol substitutes for all symbols except the FREE SPIN scatter symbol.

    Only the highest win per pay line is awarded.

    All symbols pay from left to right.

    Multiple wins in a single game are added to the total win.

    Malfunction voids all pays and plays.

    £250,000.00 is the maximum win available from any single game.

    Game Recovery

    In the event of a game not being completed due to interruption, the game will display the outcome of the interrupted game upon reconnection with the game server.

    All winnings allocated to the interrupted game will be credited to the player account.

    Terms and Conditions

    This game has a theoretical Return To Player (RTP) of 93.14%.

    System malfunction voids all pays and all plays.

    Any game played in demonstration (or free) play mode does not use a player’s own funds.


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    Unauthorised copying of any images, icons, layout or content by any means is strictly prohibited.

    Information last updated 08/02/2018.

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