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    Sky Blackjack

    Try our new multi-hand Blackjack with Strategy!

    How to Play

    Place your bets and see if you can beat the dealer to win in the classic table game, Blackjack. Now on mobile!

    ● Your winnings will be credited to your account immediately.

    ● You will lose your stake amount if you lose the game.

    Set Your Stake

    ● Select the stake by tapping on a suitable chip from the Chip Selector. The selected chip is indicated by a white highlight around the chip. All other chips are dulled in appearance.

    ● It is possible to mix chip values on the same bet. To see the available chip values, tap the ‘back’ and ‘next’ arrow buttons located to the left and right of the Chip Selector respectively to cycle down or up the values, until the minimum or maximum chip value is reached.

    ● The total stake value when bets have been placed is displayed above the Chip Selector on the right.

    ‘Please note the maximum stake per hand on Sky Blackjack is £5,000’

    Placing a Bet

    ● The two circles located towards the bottom of the bet cloth are betting areas (‘seats’) for a hand of Blackjack. Choose between one and two hands to play by tapping within either betting area to place a chip of the selected value for that seat.

    ● If there are no bets placed on a seat, that seat will glow to indicate to the player where bets can be placed.

    ● Each additional tap will add one unit of the selected chip value to that bet.

    ● When a bet is placed, a tooltip is displayed briefly above the placed bet to show the total bet value for that seat (in local currency).

    ● When a bet has been placed, the ‘Undo’, ‘Clear’ and ‘Deal’ buttons will become active.

    ● Tapping the 'Clear' button located bottom left of the bet cloth, will remove all bets from the table.

    ● Tapping the 'Undo' button located above the 'Clear' button will remove the last bet placed.

    Tapping again will remove the next bet, and so on until all placed bets have been removed.

    ● While there are no bets on the bet cloth, the ‘Undo’, Clear’ and ‘Deal’ buttons will be de-activated.

    ● Following a game, the ‘Clear’ button is replaced with a ‘New’ button, the ‘Undo’ button is removed, the ‘Rebet and Deal’ button becomes active and the ‘Deal’ button is replaced with a ‘Rebetx2 and Deal’ button.

    ● The ‘Rebetx2 and Deal’ button and ‘Rebet and Deal’ buttons are only active if the player has sufficient funds to replace or double (in the case of Rebetx2 and Deal) the previous bet for each active seat (and doing so does not breach the maximum bet limits).

    ● Tapping the ‘New’ button will remove all cards from the table and revert the game to its initial state, the ‘Rebet and Deal’ button will remain active however (providing the player has sufficient funds).

    ● Tapping either the ‘Rebet and Deal’ or ‘Rebetx2 and Deal’ buttons will replace or double (in the case of Rebetx2 and Deal) the previous bets for each active seat and start the game in the same way as tapping the ‘Deal’ button.

    Start The Game

    ● When all bets have been placed, tapping the ‘Deal’ button located bottom right will remove the button interface and Chip Selector and the cards will be dealt when the result is returned from the server.

    ● If either seat has no placed bets, it will no longer be highlighted until the game has been reset.

    ● A card is dealt from the ‘hopper’, top right of the bet cloth to each active seat in turn followed by the dealer until each active seat and the dealer have two cards each.

    ● The seat cards are dealt face up with the values showing, whereas the first dealer card (the ‘hole’ card) remains face down.

    ● The seat being played is indicated by a spotlight over that seat.

    Game In Play

    ● Once all cards have been dealt, the initial button interface is replaced with the in play button interface.

    ● During play, the ‘Hint’ lightbulb icon button located top left of the game window may become active (indicated by a highlight) to offer the player advice or further information on the current active seat. Tapping the ‘Hint’ button will display a dialogue box centrally on the bet cloth containing the relevant advice. Tapping the ‘Close’ button located top right of the dialogue box will close the dialogue box.

    ● If the total hand value (on two cards) of either active player seat is 21, the result is confirmed as ‘Blackjack’ and the play skips automatically to the next active seat or dealer.

    ● If the dealer’s ‘up’ card is an Ace, the player is invited to take insurance for each active seat by selecting either the ‘Insure’ or ‘Don’t Insure’ buttons located to the right and left of the bet cloth respectively.

    ● Following the offer of insurance (or if the dealer’s up card is not an Ace), the first player seat must choose whether to stand, hit, double or split by selecting the ‘Stand’, ‘Hit’, ‘Double’ or ‘Split’ buttons located to the right and left of the bet cloth respectively.

    ● The player continues to play the active seat until either the ‘Stand’ button is selected or the player busts. If the total hand value of a player seat reaches 21 on three cards, the result is automatically confirmed as a stand and play skips automatically to the next active seat or dealer.

    ● The total hand value of each player seat is displayed in a tooltip bottom left of each hand and updates as subsequent cards are dealt. If the total value exceeds 21, the tooltip breaks showing the word ‘Bust’ and the final hand value.

    ● If a player seat busts, the player loses the bet for that seat once the dealer hand has been played.

    ● When both player seats have been played, the dealer’s hole card is shown. The dealer will continue to draw cards until either the dealer busts or the total hand value is equal to or over 17.

    If the total hand value of the dealer is higher than either active player seat total hand value, the dealer wins that hand and the relevant player bet.

    ● If a player seat hand matches the dealer hand, the result is a ‘push’ and the relevant player bet is returned to the player.

    Please note: The advice offered during play (accessed via the ‘Hint’ button when available), in no way guarantees a successful outcome for the player, it should be used solely to assist in understanding the standard Blackjack strategy.

    Special Plays

    Special plays will appear as buttons to the left and right of the bet cloth during the course of a game, when the player has the option to play them. The following special plays are featured:


    If the dealer’s up card is an Ace, the player is invited to take insurance for each active seat. If the player accepts insurance, the dealer will check (‘peek’) at the hole card for Blackjack.


    If the player’s first two cards are of identical value, they may split them and place an additional bet (equal to the original bet) to play two hands instead of one.

    If a pair of Aces is split, each Ace is dealt one card and then the hand automatically stands.


    This allows the player to double their bet and receive just one more card per seat, forfeiting the opportunity to hit further. The third dealt card is placed horizontally (rather than vertically) on top of the other two cards.

    Double after Split

    Once the player has split their identical value cards into two hands and received a second card for each, the option is available to double down on those two hands. Each hand is played out separately and the option is available on one or both hands.

    Two Aces

    If the first two cards are aces, the player does not win the hand. Instead, it forms a total hand of either 12 or 2. The player is permitted to split aces, but only once.


    This is displayed alongside an ace when the hand is low enough for the ace to be assigned its higher value (11) without going bust. The player can always draw at least one card to a soft hand without busting.


    ● Tapping the ‘Settings’ cog button will automatically open a dialogue panel from which the player can access game rules, information and best strategy. This panel will also contain function controls such as table colour selection, switching voice or table sounds on or off and turning automatic hints on or off.

    ● Once within the rules section, tapping the ‘Next’ and ‘Back’ buttons located to the right of the screen will navigate forward and backward respectively. Tapping the ‘Exit’ button will return to the main game interface.

    How Do You Win?

    ● If the dealer busts only, the player wins the game.

    ● If the total hand value of a player seat is higher than the dealer hand without going over 21, the player wins.

    ● If a winning player hand is from a split hand, the player wins ‘evens’ on the relevant bet for that hand.

    ● On a win, a win tooltip is displayed above the total hand value tooltip on the relevant player seat showing the total win value for that seat. A larger win banner is also displayed centrally on the bet cloth showing the total win value for all seats.

    ● At the same time as the win tooltip and win banner are displayed, chips for the total win value for each seat travel from the dealer to the relevant hand, stopping briefly before travelling off the bottom of the game interface.


    ● The dealer peeks on Aces.

    ● The dealer must stand on a hard 17 and soft 17.

    ● Splits are allowed on equal value of cards.

    ● Blackjack cannot be called on a split hand. The player may ‘double’ on the first hand consisting of two cards with a total card value of 9, 10 or 11.

    ● The player may double after a split.

    ● The player may not hit after a double.

    ● The player may not hit on split aces.

    ● The player may split only once per hand to create two separate hands, there can be no re-splitting.

    ● The player may not take a surrender or late surrender on any cards

    ● If the player’s hand does not exceed 21 after receiving eleven cards, the hand automatically stands.

    Please note: The above rules are governed by the Operator and should be used as a guide only.


    ● The number of decks used is 8.

    ● Decks are shuffled on each new game.

    ● Each deck consists of a standard 52 card deck (no Jokers).

    Please note: 3.3 Bets and PayoutsThe above rules are governed by the Gaming Engine and should be used as a guide only.

    Game Rules

    Game Recovery

    ● In the event of a game in real play being interrupted (i.e. started but not completed due to connectivity issues or accidentally closing the browser etc), depending on the previous state of the game, it will either resume from the point at which the last cards were dealt (if the last input requirement was with the player) or display the outcome of game (if the last input requirement was with the dealer).

    ● Any winnings will be correctly credited to the player account and will be exact according to the result prior to the game being interrupted.

    Terms and Conditions

    ● This game has a theoretical Return to Player of up to 99.31% based on best player strategy.

    ● System malfunction voids all pays and all plays.

    Online Support

    Our help guides will answer all the questions you may have about playing games here at Sky Vegas as well as useful information.

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