• Super Cubes

    A super twist on a 50 line slot!

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    Super Cubes is another great online slot game on Sky Vegas, but with a twist! Like other reel games, Super Cubes offers great opportunities for big payouts, with a super cubing twist on your standard 50 line slot!

    Rather than you usual 3 or 5 reel slot games, Super Cubes brings a variety of spinning options to the table. The cubes spin all over the place, in all directions, whatever which way possible, meaning there are 50 massive ways to win. Use the plus and minus buttons on screen to decide upon your stake. You must also decide how many lines you wish to play. You can play as little as 1 line with 1pence or as much as 50 lines with £2 on each line. That’s a maximum bet of £100 on Super Cubes. The max payout is £250,000!

    You can also trigger the progressive jackpot if you gain 5 of the wild 7 symbols on one of your active win lines. The progressive jackpot can be seen on the top right hand side of the screen, and it rises depending on how much has been played. It always has a minimum amount in the jackpot fund though so even if it’s won it will reset to the casino games minimum. You can also use the autobet feature in Super Cubes. With ace graphics, exciting game play and spin-tastic action, Super Cubes is a great addition to the Sky Vegas online casino. 


    Example game play screens

    How to Play

    Select your stake value by clicking the up (+) or down (-) arrow buttons on the stake display. The arrow buttons increase or decrease the stake value with each click respectively. The stake value is clearly displayed to the left of the stake buttons.

    Select the number of lines to be played with the lines buttons; up to 50 may be selected per game. The default value for the number of lines is set to the maximum 50. Each click of the arrow buttons increase (+) or decrease (-) the number of lines to be played per-game by 5 respectively. The total bet display will always show the total stake for the game, which comprises of the stake amount multiplied by the number lines selected in the Bet area. If you wish to personally customise your line selection; see: Customising Lines

    Click on the Play button start the spin. The game icons rotate and then come to rest, giving the result. All winnings will be added together and will be paid immediately into your account in accordance with the paytable.

    Win Types:

    A Win Definition

    If you study the win line map (see: customising win lines); you will see that all win lines consist of 5 consecutive icons. To qualify for a win you need at least 3 consecutive icons on an activated win line. The icons must be consecutive; but do not need to start at the beginning or the end of a win line. For example: 3 matching icons appearing in the middle of a win line qualify for a win.

    If there is more than one win on a win line (for instance if the win line consisted of cheese, cheese, wild, melon, melon so it would contain a win of 3 cherries and 3 melons) then both wins will be displayed and the player awarded the winnings for both.

    Customising Win Lines

    It is possible to customise you line selections by switching individual lines off or on. Select the custom lines button to open the line customisation display. You will see each of the 50 lines available in the form of a button. Click a line button to turn it off or on. The button will be highlighted in green when it is switched on. When you are finished, click the close button or anywhere on the left hand side of the screen. You can also hold the mouse button and drag a number of boxes at once - therefore turning these lines on or off in groups as opposed to individually clicking on each line.

    Progressive Jackpot

    If you get five of the Plum symbols (or in a combination of wilds) on an active pay-line in the result of game, you win the progressive jackpot. The progressive jackpot total appears on the display on the top right hand side of the game and rises in increments (by a percentage of total funds inputted into the game) until the progressive Jackpot is won. The Progressive jackpot is seeded which means that there is always a specified minimum amount in the Progressive Jackpot - even if the Jackpot is won, and the total is reset.

    All players that play the game for real funds qualify for the jackpot.

    The theoretical average return to player (RTP) is 95.66%. This RTP represents the long-term expected payback of the game which has been calculated by an independent testing company.

    Progressive Jackpot

    • Progressive jackpots consists of a fixed minimum amount (start-up seed) which gradually increases by a percentage of funds (contributions) inputted into the game until it is won. When a jackpot is won, it is reset to the seed amount and begins to rise again.
    • The progressive jackpots are initially funded by a £10,000 start-up seed value. This is topped up by contributions of 4% from stakes on the game and there is no ceiling value.
    • The game's total return to player, including the progressive jackpot, is 95.66%.
    • The progressive jackpot is available in "real play" only. The progressive jackpot is available in "real play" only. There are eligibility requirements for the progressive jackpot:
    • To qualify for the progressive jackpot you must play at a stake level of at least £0.10
    • The progressive jackpot is determined via plum icons on win lines, more details on this can be found in the How to Play section above.  Jackpot prizes can occur after any spin with the chances of winning increasing/decreasing proportionally to the bet size.
    • Jackpot prizes are awarded via bank transfer following confirmation with the games supplier and necessary identity and payment verification.
    • When two or more players appear to simultaneously trigger the jackpot, the first player will be awarded the jackpot and the others will receive a message warning them that the jackpot was won by another player. The current play is cancelled and the player will have the opportunity to play again after being informed of the new jackpot values.

    Malfunction voids all pays & Play.


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